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Vocopro DA-2808VE Professional Digital Karaoke Mixer
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Vocopro DA-2808VE Professional Digital Karaoke Mixer

Take Your Vocal Potential to New Heights with State-of-the-Art Vocal Enhancement Control

Regular $399.99
Sale $295.99


Vocal expression is essential to any great Karaoke performance. With it, singers can make you “feel” what they are feeling, impacting you long after the performance is over. How does one attain this vocal expression? The answer is complete control over vocal dynamics like tone, texture and sibilance. Realizing this, we set out to offer this kind of vocal control to our customers, and now we offer the DA-2808VE Digital Karaoke Mixer with an integrated adjustable Vocal Enhancer.

The DA-2808VE’s adjustable Vocal Enhancer will dramatically improve the sound quality of your vocals by providing you with unparalleled dynamic control. With the DA-2808VE you can fine tune particular aspects of your voice, through controlling high and low frequency contouring, range of tonal concentration and top and bottom processing of vocal strength. Whether you need to “fatten up” your vocal signal or brighten it for crisp sibilance, the results are just a few adjustments away.

When it comes to source music, the DA-2808VE harness’ a professional 13-step Digital Key Controller to raise and lower the natural musical key 2 octaves, keeping the music compatible and comfortable within your vocal range. Vocal Cancel and Partner features are also on-board to remove lead vocals from multiplexed Karaoke tracks. If you don’t sound great already, you can add depth and space to your voice with Professional Digital Echo, Repeat and Delay effects.

The DA-2808VE has four audio inputs, three with video inputs for A/V devices so you can have multiple players connected. Two audio outputs and three video outputs ensure connections to multiple TV’s, an amplifier and recording device!

So, if you are seeking to unleash the full-potential of your vocal performances and seek to experience vocal dynamic control, go with the DA-2808VE by VocoPro!


Features and Specifications

  • Vocal Sonic Enhancer with High/Low Contour, Frequency and Process Controls for an Optimized Natural Vocal Image and Rich and Vibrant Sound
  • 13-Step Digital Key Controller for Transposing the Natural Key of Source Music
  • Vocal Cancel/Partner MPX Modes for Removing Vocals from Multiplexed Karaoke Media
  • Digital Echo, Repeat and Delay Controls Add Depth and Space to Vocals
  • Full-Function Remote Control for Ease of Operation
  • Three Microphone Inputs with Volume Controls
  • Remote Key Control Jack for Remote Key Controllable Microphones
  • Master Music and Microphone Volume Controls
  • Inputs: 4 Audio (RCA), 3 Video (RCA)
  • Outputs: 2 Audio (RCA), 3 Video (RCA)
  • 110V-240V Switchable

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