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Vocopro CLG-600 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate
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Vocopro CLG-600 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter with Gate

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Ever wish you had your own personal soundman around to keep your live shows sounding first-rate, all the time? Let’s face it, when it comes to live entertainment, there are sometimes just too many things that can demand your attention. Even with top-notch gear, unexpected “on the fly” adjustments are almost always necessary in order to keep the sound quality optimum with plenty of “soundspace” for dynamics. Karaoke shows especially have vast dynamic changes as singers vocal strengths and vocal techniques often vary considerably.

The CLG-600 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate offers the closest thing to a soundman in a box with superior dynamics processing ability and several new circuit designs for increased processing efficiency. Unique Interactive Knee Compression (IKC) circuitry allows users to let the CLG-600 run on “auto-pilot”, intelligently compressing incoming audio with significant volume changes. A handy built-in adjustable Dynamic Enhancer replaces high-frequency information that may be lost during the compression process, so that processed vocals or other signals shine with vibrancy instead of sounding squished and dull. Attack/Release Time, Compression Ratio and Threshold Level settings can be auto-set, or set manually for those who seek variable control for tricky or extra-long shows.

The CLG-600 is not only an essential tool for Karaoke applications, as studio recording, live broadcasting and general signal processing applications can all make excellent use of the CLG-600’s efficient operation.

So, whether its preserving the dynamics of a live show of varying sound, compensating for poor vocal technique, removing background noise from studio recordings, keeping “beginning to end” sound levels balanced or just having it all done via “auto-pilot”, the CLG-600 is sure to handle all your dynamic processing needs.


Features and Specifications

  • Two Independent Compressor/Limiter/Gates in a 1RU roadworthy housing.
  • Unique (IKC) circuitry intelligently combines ‘hard knee’ and ‘soft knee’ compression styles, providing excellent inaudible and program music compression.
  • Fully Automatic or Manually Variable Attack/Release Times, Compression Ratios and Threshold Levels allow both the novice and the experienced user full effective use all processing controls.
  • Dual 12-stage Gain Reduction and 8-stage Input/Output meters for accurate, reliable metering.
  • Dual-mono or stereo operation for a multitude of live, studio or recording applications.
  • Built-in adjustable Dynamic Enhancer selectively replaces high-end loss even during severe compression produced by high-energy or low-end content so processed vocals remain vibrant.
  • IRC (Interactive Ratio Control) Expander/Gate automatically adjusts expansion per the program material, eliminating the noise floor during quiet sections or music pauses.
  • 1/4" TRS and XLR Input/Outputs provide for Balanced and Unbalanced integrations to external devices.
  • Auto-mode allows for “hands-free” operation of CLG-600, allowing users to focus on other aspects of the show, recording or broadcast

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